Black Dynomite Tattoo Ink is the traditional black tattoo ink with a slight blue undertone. Black Dynomite is 65% pigment, which makes it a really intense solid black. It is a combination of jet black pigment and blue pigment, which gives it the blue tone that is so specific to traditional old school tattoos.All of Quantum’s Black Tattoo Inks can be diluted and used for outlining or gray wash. We recommend using our Holy Water Mixing Solution or distilled water to dilute the product. We do not recommend using any other products to dilute Quantum Tattoo Inks.Tattoo Ink: Black DynomiteTraditional black with slight blue undertoneQuantum Tattoo Inks and Pigments are MADE IN THE USA

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Quantum Tattoo Ink Graywash Set 3x 30ml

Quantum Tattoo Ink Graywash Set 3x 30ml

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