This is the All New Storm Rotary Machine V2!

The second generation to the popular Storm a100. The new Storm v2 includes a built-in needle tensioner and improved vice for superior precision. Extremely lightweight at only 4 oz and has an all new sleeker precision body. This machine comes with all three stroke lengths of 3mm, 4mm, and a 5mm.

A must-have as a daily versatile workhorse which enables you to line or shade with ease. With the 5mm stroke bearing, you’ll have a very hard hitting color packer and the 3mm and 4mm allows you to have great shading or lining depending on your preference.

  • Unique patented design, improved for better overall performance over the first generation Storm
  • Includes a built-in needle tensioner and improved vice for superior precision
  • Lightweight with new improved balance at only 4 oz
  • High precision machined aluminum frame
  • Both RCA input and clip cord contact points
  • High performance Japanese motor tested for smoother in-hand performance and harder hitting consistency.

3 stroke bearings included:

Short = 1.5mm bearing = 3mm stroke – included
Medium = 2mm bearing = 4mm stroke – included
Long = 2.5mm bearing = 5mm stroke – included

269,00 €

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