This machine is the machine lighter coil in the world. Weighing about 4.5 ounces. It 's the machine shading / line perfect for every day for anyone looking to speed up the work, extensive sessions, getting rid of the pain in the wrist and wasted effort.
FK Irons invented this machine for those artists looking for a great opportunity in terms of size and weight. The AL 13 Galaxie II will push any configuration in August Our line AL13 just keeps getting better.
For the first time we have introduced a new grade of aluminum for all AL13 models 2024-T3 – aircraft aluminum.
This new type of aluminum is by far a higher grade and more expensive than 6064, which is a lower grade of aluminum used by most manufacturers of these times. This is one of the most difficult varieties of aluminum. Its hardness can be compared to “steel”. This material is the “AL13 Galaxie II” machine the strongest and lightest available today.
The feeling nice and low vibrations will allow any artist a transition (from one machine to a FK) incredibly easy. Loaded with FK 1.5 ® Coil System. Available as Liner, Color Packer, Soft Shader.

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