Lounger is suitable for applications from the tattoo, – massage and cosmetics area
9-step mechanical adjustment of the backrest
7-step mechanical adjustment of the leg support
Completely adjustable to the horizontal position
Removable armrests are flexible and adapt to the respective position of the backrest
14 cm thick padding is soft and easy to maintain
Color: Black
Reference thickness: 1.3 mm
Two pull-out drawers
Incl. Paper roll holder
Facial cut-out for massage is closable with head-resting pillow
Stable and sturdy frame
easy construction

Technical specifications:
Length: 185 cm
Width: 63 cm, with armrests 83 cm
Height: from 73 cm
Backrest: 63×70 cm, adjustable by 60 °
Sitting area: 63×50 cm
Leg support: 63×60 cm, adjustable by 50 °
Face opening: 12×14 cm
Pull out drawers: 24×33×6 cm
Load capacity: 160 kg
Weight: 35 kg
Packing: 115×39×65 cm

699,00 €