The Diablo Hybrid rotary machine came about for those that want to get a feel of a great rotary machine in combination with the “give” of a coil machine. Without sacrificing performance, the Diablo Hybrid utilizes a premium Japanese motor that is custom made for this specific machine. It can do it all, pack color, put in greywash, and do great lining. There is no rotary machine in the industry that can compete with the Diablo Hybrid in combination of price and quality. The Diablo Hybrid is proudly assembled in the USA with the utmost care. Please note, the Diablo Hybrid does not have a Swiss motor version because the Japanese Kami motor offers the same performance. This is a must have machine to add to your lineup! Product Specifications: Patent pending design 8000 rpm premium Japanese motor Aircraft Alumnum Frame – lightweight & balanced at only 3.5oz High quality finish – Premium grade Aluminum or Stainless Steel hand polished parts Best “bang for buck” tattoo machine in industry Silent and smooth Coil “give” style rotary machine 3.5mm stroke for all around shading and lining RCA Clipcord included FREE Assembled in USA

419,00 €

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