Johnny Irons Tattoo Machines , are made by tattoo artists for artists !

Made from a block of pure copper by CNC machines, to make sure precise sizes
No welding, No casting !

Machine coils are hand wounding very very tightly, the coil wire is pure copper , not aluminum wire wrapped by copper on the market.

10 Wraps Coil, 22uf Capacitor , 28mm Height —- Used on Liner machine
12 Wraps Coil, 47uf Capacitor, 28mm Height —- Used on Shader machine

Coil Core, Armature Bar, Yoke are made from pure iron.
Copper front and rear binding post.
Machine starts at 2.5V , and working under 5.5-6.5V
Never got hot for long tattoo session.

Weight: 245g

189,00 €

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