EZ Cartridge Grips are compatible with Cheyenne Hawk and T-Tech cartridges
Fit all standard coil or rotary tattoo machines.

- Aluminum
- Light weight
- Come with 2 Cartridge Needle Bars

INTRODUCING OUR EZ TUBES CARTRIDGE GRIPS (Anodized Aluminum, 3 different colors)

– Machined out of aircraft aluminum using our 5 axis CNC machine

– Hand polished for an ultra smooth finish

– Anodized for strength and finish

– Back stem is made from medical grade stainless steel with a satin finish

– EZ tubes will fit all standard coil or rotary machines

– Lightweight grip gives the overall feel of weightlessness great for WRIST HEALTH

– Compatible with T-TECH or HAWK cartridges

– Custom Ergo-Designed grip gives the most comfortable and natural feel in your hands that is especially great for those long sessions.

– Comes with 2 different length “duro-tip plungers”

18,90 €
EZ Cartridge Grips

EZ Cartridge Grips

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