The preparation SILVER HEALING immediately closes skin pores, eliminating bleeding and plasma exudation, thus preventing unwanted migration of ink from the skin.
It causes quick shrinking of tissues, which speeded up skin regeneration.
It guarantees color and shades retention of each tattoo.
It protects against infection and is very effective in disinfection, antibacterial and antivirus prevention, so that it supports the healing process of the fresh tattoo.

The flat shape of fragmented silver and its size below 0,2 nanometer (millionth of a millimeter) provides optimal coverage of welded surface. It has strong biocidal properties even at low concentrations. SILVER HEALING preparation is obtained using physical methods, does not contain nitrates, can be applied internally or externally, it is nontoxic to humans and animals, kills gram (-) and gram () bacteria, fungus, moulds and viruses. The biocidal properties consist of transfering of fragmented Ag ions to cell membranes of microbes, so that their electrical potential is blocked, thereby their reproduction, in result they die in a short time.

Do not use as the healing or nourishing ointment / cream for continuous (several days) application.

Clear (does not leave stains).
Spray bottle.
Ingredients: deionized water, ionic silver nanoparticle.
Capacity: 100

21,90 €

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