Display: LCD Digital Unit
Weight: 650g
Input voltage: 110V-240V, AC50/60Hz.
Output Voltage: 3~18v
Output Power: 0.3-45W
Rating Current: 0-2A.
Operating Temperature: 5 ~ +45
Relative humidity 30%~75%.
Operating Air Pressure: 900-1060 HPA
Color: Blue, Red

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-Liner/ Shader presets with memory modes.
-Momentary(conventional) or Maintained(push on push off) foot switch modes. Easy one button toggle
-Non volatile memory (holds time and presets even when power is removed)
-Wireless foot switch ready (foot switch under development) -
Volts, Amps, Speed (hz), Duty Cycle (%), ans STL(similar to follow through)
-Wipe down quality -
Easily bagged with typical machine or bottle baggies
Power supply includes one universal mount Advantages:
--Fully digital microprocessor control
--Precision regulated set point voltage 3-18VDC
--Plugin the power: Please use standard adapter connect to power supply through"DC/19" socket Switch ON/OFF and START/STOP functions: A; When plugged into the power supply, press"POWER BUTTON" for 3 seconds to switch on, or another 3 seconds to switch off. B: 5 seconds press on foot pedal to switch on, when switch on, touch "POWER BUTTON"" to start/stop the power Adjust the output voltage: when switched on, touch "VOLTS+" "VOLTS-" to adjust the voltage output L/S &
Foot Pedal Moodle: When switched on, touch "L/S BUTTON" switch to L/S model, when switch to L model, L be lighted, switch to model S will be lighted. when switched on, press "L/S BUTTON" for 3 seconds to change the foot pedal model
--This machine offer two kinds of foot pedal mood, one is contineous output mood, another is inching output mood Preset voltage: This machine provides 6 preset voltage under mood of L/S, the factory settings: L1-5V/L2-6V/L3-7V/L4-8V/L5-9V/L6-9.5V S1-6V/S2-6.5V/S3-7.5V/S4-8.5V/S5-9.5V/S6-10V touch "PRESET BUTTON" swith successively to preset voltage, to adjust the preset voltage, touch "PRESET BUTTON" to adjust the voltage gears. Touch "VOLTS+" "VOLTS-" to adjust voltage, then press "PRESET BUTTON" for 3 seconds to save the preset voltage.
Timing functions: Touch "TIME BUTTON" to start the time, there will show the working time on the screen, long press "TIME BUTTON" to reset the total working time.

Package Includes:

1 Power Supply 1 Power Cord 1 set of holder parts